Alternative Bridesmaid Dresses

As we know, your wedding day is a very exciting day, not only in your life, but in the life of your supporting bridesmaids as well - it is a very special occasion for all involved!

Choosing a bridesmaid dress can sometimes be very difficult, since it’s challenging to find the right style and colour that will flatter all of your leading ladies. Of course you will want them to match perfectly with your wedding theme, and you will want your bridesmaids to feel comfortable and obviously look the part too!

We have many dresses in stock at the moment which we think are great options for bridesmaids:

We have a complete range of styles including styles with A-line chiffon skirts or more fitted skirts. Dresses which are more beaded, or some more plain and simple, it does just totally depend on what you are personally looking for.

We find that shades of pinks and nudes are actually one of the most popular colours for a bridesmaid dress, specifically a blush and rose shade of pink. The colours tends to look amazing on just about everyone, as it brings in a beautiful dusty effect.

Another popular colour is a cool grey tone and navy, all of these colours are both elegant and chic, and are bound to get everyone’s approval! These colours compliments effortlessly with ivory hence them being popular with brides so they go nicely with the dress and bouquet choices.


The pinks and nudes are very light and playful, and work well in the sun and warmer weather. The grey and navy tones are very elegant and can work for the more cooler months of the year whilst looking very elegant.




Above is a small selection of photos of some of our bridesmaid customers, the bridesmaid in the photo on the left hand side are wearing the Jovani nude dress and bridesmaids in the middle and left hand photo are wearing this gorgeous nude chiffon dress by Sherri Hill. You can see both of these styles above!

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