Favourite Prom Hairstyles!

It is never too early to start thinking about how you want to complete your perfect prom look. Once you choose your gown, the next natural step is to start thinking about accessories such as finding a nice bag and pair of shoes. Maybe what kind of makeup look you want to have. Here at The Dress Studio, we are obsessed with all things hair, so we have compiled a selection of our favourite hairstyles that we think would be perfect for prom!

French Braid Updo

An updo hairstyle like this is perfect if your prom dress has an intricate back design, as this will show it off perfectly. With any type of dress with a gorgeous back design, it is a good idea to wear your hair up so it doesn’t hide the detail.

To achieve this look: divide your hair with a loose waterfall braid and pin it while you take the bottom half of your hair and make it into a bun. Use the braid to wrap loosely around the bun, then pin it in place and hairspray!

Waterfall Side Braid

This look is both casual and formal and can look great for prom. Remember any looks with braids can be difficult to accomplish if you have layered hair so, the longer your hair the better for these type of hairstyles. Like the first one, you’re creating a waterfall braid (sideways french braid).

To do this, as you go along, gently use the back of your comb to loosen each braid section and if you want it looser, at the end, once you tie the end of the braid, repeat this more.  However loose or tight you want the braid is totally up to you!

Wrapped Up Ponytail:

A simple ponytail with a twist is more of a casual style but we think it can work beautifully for prom.

To create this style you will need a hair tie, a few bobby-pins, and a curling wand. You need to start with a low ponytail and then take two sides of the hair and simply criss-cross it and wrap it around a low ponytail. You can choose to leave strands of your hair out at the front and maybe even curl these to give it more of a looser look.

Half Up/Half Down Twist

This is very similar to the wrapped up ponytail, except that the hair is mostly all down. This style is also quite simple but has a very intricate look to it.

You can create this look in a very similar way to the previous hairstyle! After you curl your hair, divide half your hair and cross both strands over each other. After you cross them, use bobby pins to hold it in place, and then hairspray your hair to complete the final look.

Half Up/Half Down Waterfall

This waterfall style looks amazing with a messy curly look too. This style works great for shoulder-length to long hair!

To create this prom hairstyle, firstly you need curl your hair and then, take a small strand and use it to weave in and out of the hair that is down. Then pin it in place when you get to the middle, and then repeat this on the other side. The two strands that you have weaved should meet in the middle, and then you need to tuck them under a piece that can hide the pins, and pin it under to make sure it is super secure, then finally hairspray.

Half Up/Half Down Curled 

This look is very classy and stylish, it looks great and is not too complicated to create either!

First, curl your hair, and then take a strand of hair and loosely bring it to the middle of the back of your hair, and gently twist that piece around itself but as you do it, put the bobby pins in as you loop around. Repeat this process on the other side as well and then hairspray.

High Ponytail

A look that is often seen on the red carpet! You can’t ever go wrong with a simple ponytail to accentuate a classy dress.

The easiest way to achieve a high ponytail is  by bending over so your head is upside down and then brush/comb your hair towards the ground, securing it with a tight elastic band. So simple but elegant!

Loose Wavy Curls

This look is very natural but really gorgeous for a formal event such as prom.

The best way to achieve loose curls like this, is the ponytail trick! Put your hair in a high ponytail, so you are only really curling the middle-bottom sections of your hair and avoiding the top. Once you let your hair down, hairspray it in place and then either use your fingers to comb through your hair or a wide tooth comb to separate the curls.

Braid Crown

This exquisite wrap around braid looks so elegant. Another perfect up-do style to show off any detail on the back of your prom dress!

This is very similar to a French braid, to create this, you need to start with a long section of your hair and then simply braid around your head by gathering more strands as you go around to add to the braid. Remember, layered hair is not ideal for braid hairstyles but if you want this look anyway, bobby-pins are your best friend if you have strands that choose not to cooperate. You can choose to leave strands of hair down at the front to give this hairstyle a softer look.

If you have chosen any of these hairstyles for prom, we want to see your finished look! Tag us at @thedressstudio on Instagram!

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