Prom shopping advice!✨

Prom shopping advice!

Our top 10 tips on how to have the best prom dress shopping experience at The Dress Studio.

  1. Start shopping early - The earlier you shop with us, the better! Our prom promise is that we will not sell the same dress to the same school, even in a different colour and so, by shopping with us earlier you will have much more to choose from.

  2. The best time to shop - As you can imagine the store can get extremely busy. We recommend heading over to us as soon as we open or through the week. Between the months of October and December is the perfect time to shop with us as we have lots of brand new styles to choose from and the store is much quieter than January and February. 

  3. Do not choose your dress colour before trying on - It is so important to avoid choosing colours in your friendship group. We know there is a lot of pressure between friends but what is most important is that you all have the dress you love. Choosing the colour before you have tried dresses on can cause a lot of distress as some customers dislike the colour once they have started to try dresses on. Remember there are only so many colours to choose from and it does not matter if you and a friend have the same colour dress! 

  4. Be open minded - You may be shopping for prom with a colour and style in mind. However, it's so important to keep an open mind as the dresses look so different when they are tried on. We always advise to try lots of different colours and styles to find your perfect dress. Many of our customers walk away with something completely unexpected! Prom dress shopping can be overwhelming for some people, but please remember that we are here to help and can guide you in the right direction, towards that dream dress.

  5. Choose the dress that you love - As much as a couple of opinions can be helpful from friends and family, how you feel in the dress is what truly matters. 

  6. Bring a pair of high heels - Bringing a pair of high heels with you always helps when trying on the dresses, as this gives you a better idea of how the dress will look. If you don’t have any, don’t worry as we have a selection here that you can try on with the dresses. Also if you don’t want to wear high heels for prom, no problem... not everyone does.

  7. Limit who you bring - You are more than welcome to bring friends and family with you but we suggest only bring 1 or 2 people. At peak times, it can get very busy in the shop and there will be limited space in the changing rooms. We have free WiFi available, so you can always virtually bring along any other friend or family member.

  8.  Make-up and fake tan - We would really appreciate it if you could wear no or as little makeup and fake tan as possible. This is to avoid damaging the dresses when you are trying them on. It's important to remember that the dresses we have in the store are the ones that we sell, so it's vital these are well looked after.

  9. Do not stress about sizes - If you have a dress that is a different size to what you would normally wear in 'everyday clothes', this is completely normal. You have no reason to worry or stress, this is the case with most prom customers! The dresses all fit so differently, with many of our dresses fitting much smaller, so please bare this in mind! As long as you feel amazing in your dress, it does not matter what size is on the label

  10. Enjoy it - You only get one prom so make sure you make the most of the whole experience and most importantly, enjoy it! 

If you have any queries at all and would like to speak with a friendly member of the team, please call us on 01925 766 258 or email and we will be happy to help! 



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