The most unusual way of arriving at prom…

So, we know that many of you like to arrive to prom in style…

We know that the most popular ways to travel to prom are usually by limousine, a parents car that may be a little bit fancy, a party bus, or even the school coach! I know that some of you like to go a little more extravagant and choose something like fire engine or even a helicopter but…. this has to be the most crazy entrance to prom I have ever seen!!

Yes, the girl in the photos above, arrived to prom… in a coffin!!

Although this is absolutely crazy, there is actually a reason behind it!

Megan Flaherty, from the states aspired to be a funeral director after college and so, she couldn’t think of a better way to make an entrance to prom! Megan was lay inside the hearse completely glammed up in a strapless royal blue blue gown teamed with silver heels.

She certainly took ‘drop-dead gorgeous’ quite literally!

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