The perfect clutch bag for prom

So you may have chosen the perfect prom dress and now you want to make sure you have the perfect accessories, including a gorgeous clutch bag!

You can go with any type of style, if you have a more simple, plain dress, a glitzy clutch bag always works very well! For example, you might have a simple black/navy dress and want to dress it up a little, you can do this by adding a gold/silver sparkly clutch bag!

Or, you may have a very heavily beaded dress and want some subtle accessories, so a plain, simple clutch might work better with your look.

We have picked out a selection of different clutch bags to show you what kind of styles we think work well for prom, some are glitzy, some plain, some with straps and some without!

All we do advise with the clutch bags is, whether you are holding it or using the over the shoulder strap, be careful it doesn’t catch on your dress, especially if the clutch is sparkly and your dress is a delicate material like chiffon!

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